SPIE Belgium Classic 2016  :  JUIN 18th  2016

SPIE Belgium Cycling team organises a cycling event every year, for casual cyclists and dedicated cyclists, in other words everybody can participate! Participants can choose from four tours 30, 60, 90 of 120 km through out the stunning region around the Vlaamse Ardennen. 

SPIE Belgium Classic 2016 is proud to announce you that they obtain the label "CYCLO met vrouwvriendelijk label". 


A brief review of the 4th edition : 

- temperature : 20 degrees 
1431 cyclists
- 110 volunteers who took care of the registrations, the car and biking parking, the 3 supply posts, bicycle reparations, placing crush barriers, logistics, VIP catering, signaling, track building, photographing, the SPIE-store, handing out parcels, ....

Curious how it all went ? Watch this clip
: http://vimeo.com/132303085



Thanks to AVS and sport 40.

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SPIE Belgium Cycling Team

Info about the track, distances, etc. are communicated quite some time before the race.   

Pre-registration is not possible. 

The SPIE Belgium Cycling team wishes you a lot of cycling joy ! See you on the track !  




Our assets 

  • Parking in the neighborhood
  • Free monitored bike parking 
  • Dressing rooms and shower facilities
  • Technical support at the start and breakdown assistance during the race is available
  • In our SPIE-store it is possible to buy our SPIE cycling outfit 
  • Photographers on the track
  • Signaller on dangerous crossings 
  • Supplies are provided 
    Provision 1 Munkzwalm : Zwalm, Rekegemstraat 28, De Zwalmmolen
    After 19 km for track 120 km and 90 km. 
    Open from 8u. Closed at 13u30
    Provision 2 : Maarkedal, Playground in front of residence Ter Gauwen, Puttene 36, Etikhove
    After 63 km for track 120 km. After 46 km for track 90 km. After 24 km for track 60 km. 
    Open from 8u30. Closed at 15u
    Provision 3 : Kluisbergen, thv Jan Erregat, Driesstraat, Kluisbergen
    After 100 km for track 120 km. After 73 km for track 90 km. After 47 km for rack 60 km. After 5 km for track 30 km.
    Open from 9u. Closed at 17u


Starting point and arrival OUDENAARDE - Eventhall DE QUBUS - Lindestraat 45 -  9700 Oudenaarde.
Bike renting is NOT available in Oudenaarde. 


The SPIE cycling outfit can be bought in our SPIE store


Merk: Rogelli

Wind jacket(Bodywarmer type)

35 euro
Shirt (short sleeves, hidden zipper ) 35 euro
Pants (kort bibshort U-panel + gel shammy) 30 euro
For the set (three pieces) 85 euro
Rain coat 30 euro
Socks  4 euro
Gloves  6 euro
Buff SPIE   5 euro


Winter clothing

Winter pants long 50 euro
Winter pants ¾ 50 euro
50 euro



You can win a price with your fully filled in registration form. 

Following persons can pick up their price : 
- De Weirt Loore - wins a SPIE set (3 pieces)
- Duyck Jan - wins a SPIE wintercoat 

- Embrechts Hedwige - wins a SPIE raincoat 

actie fietser langs achter truitjes